Paparazzi Jewelry Hair Accessories Tucson AZ Jamie Volner 

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Care Instructions


Please clean your items with a soft cloth and do not submerse them into dish or bath water. If you accidentally wear one of your jewelry pieces when bathing or washing your hands, please immediately remove the piece, lay it on a towel and gently blot any moisture from it and let it air dry. Do not use jewelry cleaners as your pieces may become damaged or discolored. And, if you wear lotion on your hands or take medications, you may notice a slight discoloration when you wear your rings, but that is normal and will not harm you or your rings. For your hair accessories, just use a cool hair dryer to remove any dust or use one of the sticky sheets to remove dust. Do not put your hair items into any wet solutions as that may damage them. Have fun with your PAPARAZZI items.